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Ralston QTQT-HOS-3FT Quick-Test Microbore Hose, 6900 psi, 3'

Ralston QTQT-HOS-3FT Quick-Test Microbore Hose, 6900 psi, 3'

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Safe and easy-to-use, this 3' microbore hose provides a quick, low volume, and high-pressure way of connecting to any pressure instrumentation, hand pump, calibration source, or other devices under testing. In addition, this hose can withstand pressure regardless of any twists and turns.

Provides an ideal way of transmitting pressure during a vacuum or pressure calibration, this unique hose can be attached and detached without a wrench or thread sealant while maintaining a working pressure of 6900 psi.


  • Low volume, quick connect high pressure hose for pressure testing, calibration, and leak testing
  • Leak-free high pressure hose fittings for instant connections with no wrench or thread tape
  • Compatible with all standard process connections
  • Low volume - high stability
  • Create instant pressure to your device under test without wasting gas or liquid
  • Engineered to maintain pressure regardless of twists and turns
  • Reflective outer cover: Reduced temperature sensitivity through a reflective surface
  • Reinforced inner core: Polyamide inner core prevents twisting and bending from changing the volume across the hose
  • Small inner diameter: Ideal for transmitting high pressure while consuming very little compressed gas or fluid
  • Safe, stable, leak-free connections


  • Pressure calibration
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