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Ralston Field Gauge LC30 Pressure/Vacuum/Temperature Sensor Gauge, ±15 psi, back mount

Ralston Field Gauge LC30 Pressure/Vacuum/Temperature Sensor Gauge, ±15 psi, back mount

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Contribute to a robust device that measures and shows pressure readings on a large and backlighted screen, this pressure/vacuum/temperature sensor gauge shows a maximum pressure of 15 psi/1 bar/100 kPa with AC power. Disclose high and low-temperature values with 15 different engineering units and a back mount connection.

Ideal for panel-mounted applications, gives complete pressure calibration solutions, and measures two process variables.


  • Added customization: Easily switch from among 15 standard engineering units with the option to add your own and remove unneeded units
  • Mounting flange: Allows for installation in a control panel without taking up too much room
  • Back mounted pressure sensors: Make for easy panel mount installation
  • USB connection: Connect to calibration management software for live viewing of pressure, customization of engineering units, and calibration
  • Increased visibility: Large, easy-to-read display with intuitive controls and bright backlight
  • Exceptional durability: Withstands abuse and cracking and is waterproof to 1 meter (IP67)
  • Quick, reliable Zero function: Using a single button
  • Convenient High / Low function: View highest and lowest pressure reached
  • Menu system: Allows access to additional controls
  • ±0.1% full scale accuracy: ASME B40.100 grade 4A/ISO class 0.1
  • AC mains powered with battery backup: Country adapters for North America, Europe, UK, Australia and China


  • Pressure calibration
  • OEM
  • Manufacturing
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