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Hexagonal Screwdriver Torx Inner Hexagonal Inner Tool Set

Hexagonal Screwdriver Torx Inner Hexagonal Inner Tool Set

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Product Information:

High-quality L-shaped button set, color coded, practical plastic sleeve. This ensures that the tool is a fast operating hand, even at low temperatures, ergonomic design and comfortable operation are easy to achieve. The wear-resistant chuck material ensures the safe storage and easy disassembly of the L-shaped wrench, and the hexagonal normal section provides a larger contact area with the screw head. Therefore, the cutting effect is minimized, and damage to the screw head is more or less eliminated. Even if it is difficult to install, the ballpoint pen on the long arm can work reliably. Black laser surface treatment can provide excellent surface protection, even corrosion resistance, and long service life. Laser engraving

Packing list:
1X hexagon wrench

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