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Hand Drill Multi-function Hand Drill Household Manual Drill Woodworking

Hand Drill Multi-function Hand Drill Household Manual Drill Woodworking

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The product does not require any power drive, and the hand crank controls the speed and drilling position, which is easier to control and safer than electric drills, but the speed is low, the efficiency is low, and the transmission torque is small, so
Not suitable for drilling harder metal materials, ceramic tiles, masonry, concrete, etc.;
Suitable for wood, bamboo, soft and thin iron sheet, copper, aluminum, plastic, PVC, acrylic, fiberglass board, circuit board, etc.
It is an ideal manual tool for woodworkers, DIY enthusiasts, model enthusiasts, students' hands-on ability test, teaching practice, etc.

Product information:
Name: Hand drill
Specification: 1/4,3/8
Material: No. 45 carbon steel
Scope of application: manual drilling of wood

1. Use 45# steel material, precision silicon melt process to cast the drill frame and hand crank;
2. Thickened high-strength ABS engineering plastic handle, hollow handle, can store spare drill chuck;
3. Precision-cast gears with powder metallurgy technology, high precision, hardened by quenching, and wear-resistant;
4. Double-gear drive mechanism, flexible hand-cranked operation, not easy to jam;
5. The key drill chuck common to ordinary electric hand drills is adopted, with high clamping accuracy, and the drill bit is not easy to be broken due to eccentricity;

Packing list:
Hand drill X1

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